Notes, regulatory, legal matters and disclaimers

This website is designed to give the reader broad information on the services provided by HLX Management Ltd. ("HLX").  It should not in any way be construed as all-encompassing or binding.

The company does not provide tax or legal advice and no suggestion or inference should be drawn to the contrary.

The client is expected, where applicable, to obtain independent legal and tax advice and to confirm to the company in writing that it has obtained such advice.

The company reserves the right to request copies of such advice to confirm compliance, by the client, with all appropriate regulatory and legal obligations. The client shall be required to provide full due diligence information prior to HLX providing any services to the client.

HLX has its registered office at 5th Floor, Anderson Square Building, 64 Shedden Road, PO Box 31325 SMB, Grand Cayman, KY1-1206, Cayman Islands. HLX is a member of the Helix Group of Companies in the Cayman Islands.

HLX is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority for the provision of Company Management Services.  It does not maintain any other licences.  Our sister company, Helix Advisory Services Ltd. maintains an "Excluded Person's Registration" with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.  Clients should note that this status will likely transition to a "Registered Person" status as a result of changes expected to be made to the Securities Investment Business Law in 2019.

HLX takes privacy and confidentiality of data extremely importantly.  Please note that any correspondence that is entered into through this website may not be secure.  We strongly recommend clients use regular email or telephone for communication and refrain from sending any information they wish to remain confidential through the contact feature of this website.

Data Privacy and Data Protection

HLX takes data security very seriously.  We store client data using secure encryption protocols on a Microsoft hosted SharePoint site.  Clients accept that in their dealings with HLX their private and confidential data shall be stored in such a way and will be made available by HLX to its management, leadership and key staff in order to fully understand the particularly of each client.  Furthermore, relevant client data ('relevant' as defined by HLX) shall be shared with service providers for the purposes of performing rigorous and detailed Anti-Money-Laundering and other background checks.  

HLX shall store data for terms that are at least those set out by its Regulator and clients acknowledge that they shall not have the right to have their data removed or be forgotten as a direct result of these policies.