The Cayman Islands Data Protection Law 2017, ("DPL") came into force on the 30 September 2019 and, in essence, requires companies operating in Cayman to adopt international best-practices for the storage and use of data about individuals.  The law is based on the EU's GDPR legislation although there are some differences notably with respect to notification protocols, fines and other areas.

HLX Management Ltd. ("HLX") is a Data Controller (this is a defined term in the DPL).  This means that it has to follow the rules and regulations in how it maintains and what it does with Personal Data.  If HLX appoints a third party to process Personal Data then that third party is known as a Data Processor and HLX is required to ensure that the third party upholds the same standards as HLX.

HLX's data protection policy is documented in the following file which is accessible by link:

HLX Management Ltd. Data Protection Policy