Company Incorporation Services

HLX Management can offer a full incorporation service to individuals or institutions looking to establish any type of company available in the Cayman Islands including the following:

  • Ordinary companies
  • Ordinary Non-resident companies
  • Exempted companies
  • Segregated portfolio companies
  • Foreign companies

This includes establishing and registering the company with the Registrar, preparing the memorandum and articles of association, compiling the statutory registers and making all associated filings with the Registrar. We are also able to offer additional assistance and support to any companies that also need to be registered or licensed with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (including mutual funds, private trust companies and other regulated entities).

In addition we are able to assist with the completion of bank or brokerage accounts for the company.

This service is suitable for persons seeking a company for a range of different reasons, including but not limited to:

  • property investment
  • investment portfolio structuring
  • hedge fund management company establishment
  • Cayman Islands operating company
  • holding company for trust or other corporate structures